Stirred Online is the first stage of a new organization. Our goals are to promote an appreciation for quality work, to touch the hearts of audiences around the world, and to encourage ethnic understanding.

Stirred was birthed in the heart of the founder, Felicia Latoya Brown, over 10 years ago. During that time, the possibilities of outreach and global growth became much more of a reality. So at last, we are stepping out. With a hope in our hearts that there are people out there in this world who want their souls stirred by true talent and their minds stirred to a point of better understanding.

About Felicia Latoya

I am a writer, actor, singer, director, and teacher of humanities, theatre, and speech. Since 1999, I've traveled to Costa Rica, Brasil, Egypt and lived in Kenya and Slovakia to perform and/or teach. I have four sites my personal one, Stirred Online, Images Theatre, and TCHS Theatre. Stirred Online was created to help promote an appreciation of quality performing and visual arts especially those focused on ethnic understanding. Images Theatre is the afterschool theatre program I created at Life Center Academy. TCHS Theatre is my new artistic adventure with Trenton Central High School. (This page will probably be the more active of the four I run.) View all posts by Felicia Latoya

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