About Our Staff

Felicia Latoya Brown


Felicia Latoya has worked with youth for over 15 years in the United States and abroad. Her love for the arts as well as her desire to see talented people make it in the realms of the arts are what drove her to get Stirred off the ground. “I love to watch a person develop a talent, especially one he or she didn’t know existed.”

Her love for other cultures and ethnic groups has grown as she has traveled to Central and South American, Europe, and Africa. As she traveled, she realized that though the US is full of a great deal of information, we still lack knowledge on many ethnic groups around the world. “Looking at the artistic developments in a culture can truly help one understand another one’s world. I found that the more I studies Slovak folk tales and listened to stories about their architecture, sculptures, music, and other art pieces, the more I began to understand the culture itself. Fine arts is the key because much of it can move pass translation by sight or hearing alone. Yes, there are things that need to be correctly translated, but a person can start exploring an ethnic group without even knowing the language by first delving into the arts expressed by the people.”


Elizabeth Kington

Features Writer

Elizabeth (aka “Beth Anne”) is a recent history graduate of North Carolina’s Gardner-Webb University who minored in French. Her interests include music, art, photography, and reading.


Heather Purdon

Features Writer

Heather is a current creative writing major at North Park University in Chicago, Illinois.

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