Upcoming Events

This is where you will find information about artistic events, especially those that will help bring about ethnic understanding. If you have an event you would like posted, please contact us.

A great website to check out is the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding


October 2019– Mixed Remixed Festival–This festival gives people the chance to find out more about works that explore multiracial experience. Follow them on twitter for more information about works that come out throughout the year. More information, click here.


Ethnic Heritage Months for the US

February–African American History

March–Irish American Heritage

May–Asian Pacific American Heritage, Haitian Heritage, Jewish American Heritage

June–Caribbean American Heritage

September–Hispanic-Latino Heritage (Sept. 15-October 15)

October–Filipino American History, Italian American Heritage, Polish American Heritage

November–Native American Indian Heritage


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